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You can buy the climbing guide about the Alto Mijares climbing area directly at the Refugio or here online.
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  • Date:2019
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Book Review

Alto Mijares-Olba
Escalada deportiva / Sport climbing

The climbing area to which we dedicate this guide is located south of the province of Teruel and more specifically in the region of Alto Mijares. In this place we will find corners with an important landscape value where is protagonist the leafy vegetation that surrounds the two footpaths of the river Mijares and its affluent the Palomarejas.

A few metres from its confluence forms a major depression where the waters have undermined the terrain exposing limestone walls with a height of between 20 and 50 meters on the banks of both rivers. These walls did not go unnoticed by some climbers, who in the mid-90s were fixed on the possibilities they offered for the practice of climbing by beginning to equip the first routes of this area, which were in the sectors known today as Masterpieces and Central Park.

It was in 2012 when this gorge received a new push from some climbers close to the nearest towns, discovering in each route a new incentive to continue with the opening of new routes, stimulated by the quality of the rock and a privileged environment. In the same way that the sectors were enlarged, the number of openings grew, which disinterestedly added the more than 400 routes that currently exist. In order to do so, they made a great effort to trace paths through places that had hitherto been almost inaccessible, they levelled the base of the sectors or placed signs indicating the accesses to the areas, leaving a wide range of routes for all tastes and levels.
The authors of this guide are: Mirko Hochmuth, Nicky Hochmuth, Carlos Tudela, Carlos de Dios, Diego Denia and Sergio Bolos.